Monday, January 12, 2009

Journal Question #2

What is something about your home country that you wish all Americans knew? Why is this important to you? What impact do you think this knowledge would have on Americans? If there is a picture you have that would demonstrate this could you please share it with me?

DUE 2/2 at 5PM. 20 SENTENCES.

Journal Question #1

This is the first Journal Question of the term.
Who has had the most influence on your life? What did they do that made such an impact of you? What is it about this person that influenced you so much? Are they related to you? If they are not, how did you meet them? If you have never meet them did you read about them? Or did you read work that they published? I want to know what it is you admire about this person. If you have a picture or can find a picture of this person I would love to see it!!! If you have any interesting pictures from your break or from this term please post them with your blog. (I don't suggest that you save pictures off of facebook, many pictures from facebook have viruses that attach themselves to the photo, that happened to me this past computer almost died!!!)
DUE 1/26 at 5 PM. 20 SENTENCES.

Welcome to the News and Exciting Term of CESL 091!!!

Hello Students!
I know that you are all exciting (or at least should be) about being in writing this term.
If you have had to do my assignments before you know the deal, but you still need to leave me a comment with what your current level and class is!!
You will always find the homework assignment on this page. If you cannot post on your page, or if you have any questions of any kind please post a comment on the homework assignment. (To post on a homework assignment, click on it's title and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says "Post a Comment").

There will be a homework assignment due every Monday at 5pm. Any homework turned in after this time will still be accepted, but there will be a 1.5 point reduction. Also, any homework that does not meet the sentence length requirements will receive a 1.5 point reduction. Each assignment is graded out of 10 points so if your assignment was late and didn't meet requirements there is the possibility that you will receive 7/10 (70%) if your entries content is good.
Also, I grade these assignments based on content. Grammar is not as important as your ideas (if I don't understand what you are trying to tell me because of grammar you will loose points), so please try to express yourself as best as you can. Be creative and funny, these two things will get you a good grade. Also, don't compare your work with your classmates. I grade each of you independently and base my decisions on what I have seen in your work!

I am available to tutor if you need hep in any of your courses so please e-mail me at