Monday, February 23, 2009

Journal Questions #6

For some of you this is your last CESL term. You are about to leave CESL and head out into the University, maybe to SIU or somewhere else. Now I am asking your to think about you best memory of CESL. What was something that happened to you while you were at CESL that was very memorable for you? Why was it so good? God forbid that you haven't had a good time at CESL, but if you cannot think of a good moment but can only think of a bad one, please tell me that too. Do not mention anyone's name. Please post any pictures you have that relate to this!
If you don't want to talk about CESL, but your time here in Carbondale or in other parts of the US that you visited to, was it anything like you expected? What did you learn from your time here? What would you do again?
As long as your answer has something to do with this topic I'll love it. Also....PICTURES!! Please? (e-mail some to me at If you do, I'll love you forever...and you'll be forever immortalized in the CESL Today!)

DUE 3/2 at 5PM. 20 SENTENCES.

This is the Last Journal Question of the Term. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Journal Question #5

Hello All!! (Sorry this question is up a little late but I know none of you really do them until after Friday, so I think it's ok).
I just came back from Chicago because I had an interview for the JET program. If I get the job I'll be helping to teach English in Japan this coming July. I was a little nervous because I have wanted to travel my whole life. Though, I don't think that I was the most nervous that I have even been before.
This week I want to ask you what was a time in your life that you remember being very nervous or anxious about. It can be an exciting event, like getting to do something that you have always wanted to (an interview for a good job etc...), or it could be before something very negative, like having to do something you don't want to (give a speech or something like that.)
If you have a picture, awesome! If not, that's sad...

REMEMBER: 20 SENTENCES (I count the periods!!!!) Due 2/23 at 5pm!!!!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Journal Question #4

This next Saturday is Valentine's Day. As far as I know I think all of your countries celebrate this holiday, though I know that each our your cultures celebrate this holiday differently. If you don't know this holiday, it's simple to understand. This is a day for Lovers. It's on this day that you tell the person you love most all about it. Also, sometimes people give gifts to their family and friends.
My question for this week asks about the kind of person you would want to marry. What do you want them to be like? What personality or what kind appearance?
If you are blessed enough to be married now please tell me about this person. How did you meet them? What are they like? What are you going to do for them this weekend?
If this question is a little too personal for you, tell me past experiences with this holiday in your country. How did you celebrate this day as a child?
DUE 2/16 at 5 PM. 20 Sentences.

(Also, I will be out of town this next Monday so I'll be getting your grades back to you a little late!!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hey all!!! After reading many of your journal #2s I was really impressed. I learned a lot of new things, and then heard some things that I had to learn about the hard way after meeting many international students. On my personal page I wrote my own reaction. It is my opinion and should not be taken as a personal attack to anyone in particular. It is something I have wanted to say to international students here, and to people I have met when I left my country, but never was able to say. Read it if you are interested. I couldn't pass up the chance to do the same thing that you all did.
Here is the Link.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Journal #3

I hope that all of you are not hurt too badly after walking out and about on campus. I have fallen at least twice since the snow began to melt and then freeze at night!!

This week I would like you to tell me about a time that there was a misunderstanding in your life. It could be that you did not understand something you read and made a big mistake as a result. I could be a misunderstanding in a relationship with you and another person, a mistake you made using English once that was created a funny situation, it could be a funny story of a misunderstanding between two friends that you know. As long as you tell me a story about this topic of confusion I'll be happy.

DUE 2/9 at 5PM 20 Sentences!