Monday, April 6, 2009

Journal Question #3

What would you like to have written on your epitaph? An epitaph is an inscription on a gravestone that is written in memory of the person buried there. Actually, this is a common question asked to get to know people, or to make one think about how they are living their life. The idea is that when you are buried, what is written on your gravestone is what people are most likely to remember about you and what your life stood for. Also, if people were to come across your gravestone in the future, if they read your epitaph they will know what kind of person you were. So, ignore the fact that in your culture they may or may not have this tradition, and imagine if you were to be buried in the United States, what would you like to have on your gravestone? What would you want people to remember you for? Personally, I would like to have it written that I lived my life dedicating everything within me to my God, my loved ones, and my calling.
Due 4/13 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.