Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journal Question #4

What is the strangest thing you ever ate? Meeting people from different nations has made it so that I have tired a wide variety of different foods. When I was a child I was really very picky about the things that I ate, but now that I am older, was taught to never refuse food, and want to learn about other cultures I vowed to myself that I would never claim to hate anything until I have tried it. So, I have to try anything to say I don’t like it. Though now that I have tired KimChi a number of time I can confidently say that I don't like it (raw (I've had it cooked into something else and it was good)).  So far the strangest thing I have eaten, for me, is tied between the worm that I ate in last term’s EAP2 Core class, and the Pig Ear that a Taiwanese friend of mine gave me to eat. Considering the flavoring, the taste wasn’t so bad but the texture of the food wasn’t too great. The worm had all of these strange things sticking off of it because it was dried and crunchy. The Pig Ear had really god sauce on it but the texture of it made me think I was eating hard plastic covered in rubber...not pleasant at all! I don’t think I’ll be eating those dishes again anytime soon! 
Due 4/20 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.