Monday, April 20, 2009

Journal Question #5

Ok All, a few of your fellow students asked me in advance what the next topic would be and they weren't too thrilled. Because they were good students and because I'm (generally) a nice person I'll let you choose from three different options for your last blogger.  The first two were suggestions from one of your classmates and then from Lucas Dickerson. 
(P.S. Send me your
 Bowling Pictures!!!!) 

Option # 1 (Given to you 
from a classmate)

What is the most surprising thing that has ever happened to you? Has there been a huge coincidence that has happened that has made you shocked? Like I used to know a family when I was a child that had 5 children. All 5 children were born in the same hospital 
as me. That doesn't seem too shocking but we met in McHenry, IL (near Chicago) and we all were born in Balboa Hospital in San Diego, California! Also, the hospital I was born in is now a Museum! It was a pretty building! (It's the one in the background of this picture). Personally, I don't believe in coincidences, but this is an example of the type of story you might want to tell. 

Option #2 (Given to you by Lucas D.) 

In the US there is a popular "debate" among teenagers that is really rather silly, but it's fun to talk about. "Who would win in a fight; Pirates or Ninjas?" This seems silly but it's a real debate that goes on in the recesses of the internet. Why? Because they can and it's fun. I recently saw a commercial for a TV show that simulates duals between all of the different warriors of the world. This week was for a Ninja verses a Spartan. So if you want to create your own pair of warriors to compare then by all means, feel free to describe how you think a fight between the two would go. (In all honesty I think Samurai trump all). 
Here are some links that reference this "debate":  (beware the pictures, some are risque)
And the Show I was talking about:

Option #3 (What I was originally going to ask you all. I thought it was easy.) 

What is/was your major and why do you want to study it? I started out college with one major, Journalism, and I have slowly shifted to another; Linguistics. College has been a long journey for me, but it’s pretty much over for me. I have graduated and now I get to go and face the “real world.” For a little bit though, I plan to go to Grad School in about 2 years, but plans can change. You never know what will happen! So, tell me about your College journey. Are you just beginning it? Have you recently finished it? Have you been out of school for a long time? I’d like to know what you studied and why your chose it. It’s always good to think about why you set out on this journey of schooling. If you forget the reasons for something it becomes meaningless. 

I don't care which ones you choose. I think the first two are more interesting, but have fun and be creative with whatever you write! This is my last one of the last semester that I have as a student here in Carbondale!!!! Wish me off with something fun to read! 

Due 4/27 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Journal Question #4

What is the strangest thing you ever ate? Meeting people from different nations has made it so that I have tired a wide variety of different foods. When I was a child I was really very picky about the things that I ate, but now that I am older, was taught to never refuse food, and want to learn about other cultures I vowed to myself that I would never claim to hate anything until I have tried it. So, I have to try anything to say I don’t like it. Though now that I have tired KimChi a number of time I can confidently say that I don't like it (raw (I've had it cooked into something else and it was good)).  So far the strangest thing I have eaten, for me, is tied between the worm that I ate in last term’s EAP2 Core class, and the Pig Ear that a Taiwanese friend of mine gave me to eat. Considering the flavoring, the taste wasn’t so bad but the texture of the food wasn’t too great. The worm had all of these strange things sticking off of it because it was dried and crunchy. The Pig Ear had really god sauce on it but the texture of it made me think I was eating hard plastic covered in rubber...not pleasant at all! I don’t think I’ll be eating those dishes again anytime soon! 
Due 4/20 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Journal Question #3 Note

I was recently informed in Islam it is forbidden to write anything on one's gravestone. That is a cultural note that I was not aware of, please forgive me.
As for the topic, it's not necessarily about the gravestone itself. What I would like you to write about is what you would like to be known for. What characteristics do you want your life to display. Do you want people to think you are fun, that you are serious, or something in between? Do you want to be known as an adventurous sort of person that followed their dreams no matter the cost or a stable kind of person that was a rock, unchanging and firm that people could depend upon and was always there, always accessible to the ones they love. I brought up the topic of death only because, sadly, it is not until people leave this earth that how one lived their life is seriously thought. What I would like you do do in this assignment is reflect upon your life; are you where you want to be? If you died today (God forbid!) would you be satisfied with the legacy you left behind? Children are considered one's legacy, as are the accomplishments of someone's lifetime. What is yours? What do you want to be remembered for?

If there still seems to be an issue with this topic please e-mail me at
If you do not attempt to contact me before Monday it will be assumed that you are comfortable with the topic. Thanks

Due 4/13 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Journal Question #3

What would you like to have written on your epitaph? An epitaph is an inscription on a gravestone that is written in memory of the person buried there. Actually, this is a common question asked to get to know people, or to make one think about how they are living their life. The idea is that when you are buried, what is written on your gravestone is what people are most likely to remember about you and what your life stood for. Also, if people were to come across your gravestone in the future, if they read your epitaph they will know what kind of person you were. So, ignore the fact that in your culture they may or may not have this tradition, and imagine if you were to be buried in the United States, what would you like to have on your gravestone? What would you want people to remember you for? Personally, I would like to have it written that I lived my life dedicating everything within me to my God, my loved ones, and my calling.
Due 4/13 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Journal Question #2

What are interesting stereotypes of people in your country? In CESL we are aware of how different every country is from each other, but we all know that there are very different kinds of people in our own country. I’d like to hear a description of some of these kinds of people. Here in the US there is a new trend that is starting with teenagers that originated where I grew up. The movement is called “Emo”. Emo has it’s origins in a type of music that became popular, and as the music spread so did its fashion. This music is a lot like Punk, but it’s very melodramatic. These types of people are pictured as depressed and hating the world; also as whiny children. I used to be pretty influenced by this movement (too funny). Anyways, here is a picture of what some of these kids look like and what they wear. Maybe you have seen some of them around.
Due 4/6 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Journal Question #1

Please explain to me the story behind your national Flag. The United States’ Flag’s name is “Old Glory.” The creation of the first flag is attributed to a woman names Betsy Ross. The first flag looked a little similar to the current one but there was at one point a circle of thirteen stars that represented the thirteen colonies at the time. Since then there have been laws that have allotted for stars to be added to the flag for each of the existing states. So if we were to create another state the flag would be changed. The current flag has thirteen red and white stripes that alternate starting with the red. The three colors of the flag represent different things; red stands for hardiness and valor, white represents purity and innocence and blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance and justice. Now, please tell me the story of your national flag. I’d like to see a picture of your country’s flag as well.
Due 3/30 at 5pm! 10 SENTENCES for EAP1 and 20 SENTENCES for EAP2. Pictures desired.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My "Welcome" Spiel

Hello Students!
I know that you are all exciting (or at least should be) about being in writing this term.
If you have had to do my assignments before you know the deal, but you still need to leave me a comment with what your current level and class is!!
You will always find the homework assignment on this page. If you cannot post on your page, or if you have any questions of any kind please post a comment on the homework assignment. (To post on a homework assignment, click on it's title and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link that says "Post a Comment").

There will be a homework assignment due every Monday at 5pm. Any homework turned in after this time will still be accepted, but there will be a 1.5 point reduction. Also, any homework that does not meet the sentence length requirements will receive a 1.5 point reduction. Each assignment is graded out of 10 points so if your assignment was late and didn't meet requirements there is the possibility that you will receive 7/10 (70%) if your entries content is good.
Also, I grade these assignments based on content. Grammar is not as important as your ideas (if I don't understand what you are trying to tell me because of grammar you will loose points), so please try to express yourself as best as you can. Be creative and funny, these two things will get you a good grade. Also, don't compare your work with your classmates. I grade each of you independently and base my decisions on what I have seen in your work!

I am available to tutor if you need hep in any of your courses so please e-mail me at